Senior Technical Animator (Unreal Engine 4/5, Maya)

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Senior Technical Animator (Unreal Engine 4/5, Maya)

Metatec Production is a VR development company focusing on the next generation of immersive online experiences and providing content creation and programming services to VR and metaverse companies. We create state-of-the-art VR products on various platforms using the latest technologies, approaches, and toolsets.


  • Working with Rigs/Skinning in Maya
  • Working with Animation Blueprints/Control Rig in Unreal Engine
  • Technology research, including new techniques of animation, animation baking, retargeting, motion capture and animation synthesis, VR locomotion, etc.
  • Preparation of Character/Animation guidelines
  • Interaction with technology and creative partners, art department and MoCap studio
  • Documentation of important information related to working with content in Confluence or its equivalent


  • 3+ years of work with skeletal animation
  • 2+ years of Unreal Engine development experience
  • MEL/Python Maya scripting
  • Understanding of tech budget constraints, performance of skeletal animation/blendshapes
  • Good understanding of Blueprints; Ability to use Blueprints for custom animation logic (Both, ABP and BPs)
  • Understanding of Unreal Sequencer
  • Understanding of VR limitations and best practices
  • Experience with Unreal Control Rig
  • Houdini experience
  • Experience with Motion Capture
  • Participation in commercial releases of projects made in Unreal Engine 4 (high budget AAA projects are a plus.)
  • Experience in VR locomotion
  • Perforce (P4) experience
  • C++ Knowledge, ability to read Unreal Source code
  • Unreal Python scripting/Blutilities
  • Experience with Epic’s Metahuman