Senior Graphics Programmer (Unreal Engine 4/5, C++)

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English B2

Senior Graphics Programmer (Unreal Engine 4/5, C++)

Metatec Production is a VR development company focusing on the next generation of immersive online experiences and providing content creation and programming services to VR and metaverse companies. We create state-of-the-art VR products on various platforms using the latest technologies, approaches, and toolsets.


  • Development using C++.
  • Enhancement and optimization of rendering features on VR and Desktop platforms.
  • Improvement of show lighting systems, leveraging RTXDI with hundreds of dynamic light sources driven by DMX protocol.
  • Optimizing rendering of crowd actors, audio-reactive VFX, avatars with complex materials (e.g. with translucency and other effects.)
  • Interaction with the tech art team.
  • Documentation of important information in Confluence or its equivalent.



  • 5+ years of C++ development experience.
  • 3+ years of Unreal Engine development experience.
  • Vast experience with graphics profiling tools: Nvidia Nsight, Unreal Insights.
  • Strong understanding of tech budget constraints, performance optimization.
  • Familiarity with Unreal Engine renderer source code, strong understanding of rendering pipelines.
  • Understanding of raytracing, RTX implementation
  • Shading languages knowledge, GLSL/HLSL
  • OpenGL or DirectX API knowledge


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science.
  • Participation in commercial releases of multiplayer projects made in Unreal Engine 4 (high budget AAA projects are a plus).
  • Experience with RTXDI, RTXGI technologies and NvRTX branch of Unreal Engine 4 / 5.
  • ISO C++14.
  • Understanding of VR limitations and best practices.
  • Passion for modern graphics features (e.g. RTX).
  • Crossplatform development experience.
  • Experience with DMX Plugin for Unreal Engine.
  • Editor extensions experience (Editor Utilities, Plugins).
  • Perforce experience.